Thursday, September 21, 2017

Gettysburgh, PA

We are spending 4 days in Gettysburgh to visit the battlefield.  As it happens, our campground is located at the southern end of the battlefield and we can literally walk a few feet to the battlefield from here.  We were able to do that the first 2 days without too much backtracking. Now that we are on day 3, we had to hop in the car and drive to areas not yet visited.

The battleground covers an area of about 15 square miles and there are approximately 1300 monuments/markers and structures of interest in that area.  It is a lot to cover!  There are some big wide open spaces, fields of corn, soy and sorghum within that space but still an awful lot to see.

So, lest we forget, the battle ran from July 1st - 4th, 1963.  165,000 men.  Of those, 51,000 were killed, wounded or missing a the end of the battle.  Every structure in the small town of Gettysburgh that could be used as a hospital was and 15% of the wounded would die there or later of their wounds.  It was the decisive turn in the Civil War which would still go on for 2 more years.

I am just putting up pics of some monuments I found interesting, including most of the large state monuments, and story boards for refreshers.  This is part one due to the number of pics:

chatting with Lincoln over the Gettysburg Address

So many monuments and markers
but some really caught my eye
an Irish brigade

view Union troops had from Little Round Top

a New York monument on Little Round Top

Alabama monument

Arkansas monument

South Carolina monument

Georgia monument

New York monument

Minnesota and Pennsylvania monuments

Vermont monument

PA monument at sunset

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Flt 93 Memorial, Pittsburgh, PA

We are only in the Rockwood, PA area for a week.  Our goals here were to take care of some business in Pittsburgh and visit the Flight 93 National Memorial.  We are near near a lovely state park, Laurel Hill, so we have several miles of hiking trails available and have managed to locate and visit a PA winery:

 Laurel Hill State Park is just a few minutes away and, as you can see, a very nice place to go for a hike!

the park has very nice beaches for summer fun!

There are a couple of covered bridges in the area.  This one is still in use but a 3 ton limit!!!

The Flight 93
National Memorial...

we will never
 I thought the memorial was very well done.  What was at one time, on 9-11-00, a horrible crash site, is now a beautiful and fitting memorial to those brave passengers who made the plane come down before the terrorists could fly it all the way to its intended goal, the Capitol.

The visitor center recounts that horrible day and there are personal objects, bits of the plane, and phone recordings from passengers trying to reach family before they overran the terrorist crew.

the walkway into the visitor center is the final flight path of Flt 93

a deck at the end of the flight path overlooks the field and boulder that marks the crash site

in the distance, the boulder that marks the crash site of Flt 93

flowers remain from the annual ceremony which took place a couple of days before our visit, on the left a wreath from Germany in remembrance of the German passenger that was on board

in the field near the boulder, a wall with all the crew and passengers names

in the distance you can see the visitor center building

there is about a 2 mile walk around the field, now very peaceful 

heading back to the visitor center under the viewing deck
 We drove into Pittsburgh one day and enjoyed a walk on the waterfront near Hines Field where the
Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers come together:

our Jeep with some of the Pittsburgh skyline in the background

had some pretty bridges
 We spent a couple of hours in the Strip District.  A colorful melding of different cultures!
this place was awesome, we left with a bag of goodies including fresh spinach and garlic linguine!

some of our goodies!

Yes this is a church but
now no longer in use for
that purpose it is a

Crazy huh????

while there we were treated to a little oompah music as  the brewmaster tapped an Octoberfest beer!
 Also checked out Southern Tier Brewery.....

they had a yummy cherry gose!

and lots of IPA's