Friday, May 11, 2018

Eisenhower State Park, Kansas

We are enjoying our 3 week stay here at Eisenhower State Park  in northeast Kansas.  Another large lake, Melvern Lake, and beautiful scenic area.  In spite of a few very windy days and a close call with a tornado, 8 miles away, we are thinking Kansas isn't half bad.;)

We drove to Topeka, the capitol, one day to check out the Brown vs Board of Education National Site and visited a couple of breweries.  We have also been into Emporia a few times, they have a good brewery/restaurant, Radius, where they have a very nice IPA and a very nice sour!  And we have visited the Tallgrass National Preserve  where we saw some bison and visited a beautiful old house.

However, most of our stay this time has been relaxing at the park.  There are over 13 miles of trails here and right down the road just a few miles at the Army Corp of Engineers Park there is another nice lake trail so we have had plenty of places to walk.

The variety of birds here is awesome and I have been enjoying trying to get some good pics of them:

you would think this was the only log! Not so but apparently a favorite!!

we've seen several geese nesting and lots of youngsters around!


best made barn I have ever seen, should last forever

The family who used to own what is now Tallgrass National Preserve, the last of the tall grass plains in the state, used to live in the beautiful house below

Baltimore oriole


red winged black bird

blue bird


several varieties of plants also dot the landscape here at the park
monarch butterfly

tree swallow

yellow bellied woodpecker (I think;)

robin nesting in the tree by our motorhome

that is Paradise, our motorhome, from across a finger of the lake.  Horses are allowed in our loop as you can see!

meadow lark

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Branson, Springfield,George Washington Carver NM, Wilson's Creek NB, MO

We enjoyed our stay in the Ozarks, especially being near Roaring River State Park.  While there we also drove to Branson stopping along the way to do a lakeside trail at Table Rock State Park.  A very scenic area with a large lake and impressive dam. Branson has some nice wineries! This area grows the Chambourcin and Norton grapes among others but I particularly like these two!

We visited Big Sugar Creek State Park and walked the Ozark Chinquapin Trail there, very nice.

And we visited Wilson's Creek National Battlefield.  The Battle of Wilson's Creek in 1861 opened the Civil War in Missouri.  There were many battles and skirmishes in MO during the war.  We learn so much in our travels.  Lots of nice hiking there as well.

We also visited Springfield, the capital, where we checked out some nice breweries!

Finally, we visited the George Washington Carver NM.  Very Interesting!  Learned a lot about this important figure!

on the Lakeside Trl, Branson, with the Branson Belle in the distance

Table Rock Dam

nice scene at Roaring River
In Branson we went to Curling Vine, St. James and Mt. Pleasant wineries

Fire Tower Trl at
Roaring River SP

 Rather hard to see over the trees from this fire tower.  Probably no longer in use;)

Springfield breweries

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Staying in the Ozarks, Roaring River State Park

Located in southwest Ozark hills, Roaring River is picturesque state park.  The river is stocked with rainbow trout right from the hatchery near Roaring Springs, the highlight of the park.  There are trails with great views.  Just strolling around the hatchery which is at the head of the river right where the springs start is very pleasant.  Trout are released into the river every day for anglers to enjoy!

The weather has been all over the place but for the most part very nice for hiking!  

overcast skies and wind does not keep the fishermen from fishing!

beautiful spring flowers everywhere

this trail took us up and overlooking the river for a hike

looking down on the hatchery

just above the little waterfall are the holding tanks for the trout

they are beautiful!

the spring has been explored down to 240+ feet but may go much further down in the ground
under this rock shelf is where the spring originates

another section of hike in the area

view of the hatchery from up on the rock shelf above the spring

 we saw a few snakes hanging out near the river in dead leaves under the trees

we had to drive a few miles for this hike and the roads here are so curvy and hilly that I find I must take motion sick medication..small
price to pay

black butterflies puddling on
some animal feces

on a drive home, colorful cows and an old barn

Eisenhower State Park, Kansas

We are enjoying our 3 week stay here at Eisenhower State Park  in northeast Kansas.  Another large lake, Melvern Lake, and beautiful scenic ...