Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Phoenix AZ, Whew!

Left Prescott this morning after almost 9 days.....and we thought we would be there 2 days max!  We are at the Desert Shadows RV Resort near I-17 in north Phoenix.  About 8 minutes from my sister, Gemma and Kerry's place.  That will be nice.

It's hot here!:).  We are in shorts and I have not worn shorts much this year.  87 degrees today.

This place is nice, albeit large, with a big clubhouse, indoor pool and spa, billiards room, auditorium, exercise room, etc.  lots of planned activities if we wish to participate.

Some more pics from Willow Lake in Prescott till we get out around here:  this hike I did a few days ago landed me in another archeological dig.  The Prescott Community.  These excavations were exposed but under cover for protection and a bit more interesting than the site in Great Basin:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prescott AZ, Leaving tomorrow!

Finally!  The cause of the chiming/emergency brake light was narrowed down to an electrical wire in a bundle and has been repaired! (keep fingers crossed) We are out of here tomorrow morning and down to Phoenix where we will be for the next month awaiting the parts that were ordered for more warranty repairs here in Prescott.  Yes, that means we have to come back......scary huh?

Speaking of scary, Happy Halloween!  The Prescott neighborhood shown below really goes all out for the holiday.  Sorry the pics aren't better, I was taking them as we drove through.

Next post should be from Phoenix;)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Prescott AZ, Prescott Nat'l Forest

We are still here.  The part we were waiting for did come in today and they installed it but it did not fix the problem:(  Here we sit waiting for Winnebago to get back with Affinity with some suggestions.

On Saturday, we drove up into the Prescott National Forest.  Caught a little history then had a great 7 mile hike, 3 1/2 miles up with a 1200 foot elevation change.  The reward were some great views of the Prescott area.

the sap on a recently felled tree shone like diamonds in the sunlight!

our destination, a fire lookout tower

always nice to see wildlife

check out the close up of the bark on this tree.........

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prescott AZ, Yep, still at the dealership

The guys think they have finally discovered the mystery of the dashboard chime.....and, of course, it ends up being a Ford part needed.  So yesterday, when this was decided, Affinity called the nearby Ford dealership for the part but they don't have it in stock and it will arrive Monday!  So here we are.

Not ones to sit around and mope, we went on a real nice 7 mile hike today up in the mountains.  1200 foot elevation gain.  Whew!  Beautiful though.   Pics later for that one.  More today of Willow Lake:

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