Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Benson AZ, Last Hike in Apache Junction

And last set of pics from Apache Junction!  These are from the last hike we took at Canyon Lake.  Yes, it is in the Superstition Wilderness area.  Little change of scenery though, water.

Today is our last day in Benson.  We leave tomorrow morning for Marana, AZ.  About 70 miles from here north of Tucson.  We have some cool things lined up there also, of course.  Next post will be of pics from here in Benson area and we have done so many things in these past 6 days!  Tombstone, Ciricahua Natl Mon, Fort Huachuca, wineries, Coronado Natl Mon, Fort Bowie, Bisbee copper mine tour, etc.!!!

But first, here is the Boulder Canyon Trl:

My helper, what would I do without him?

The slick rock the horses were climbing there was crazy!

See the window in the rock?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Benson, AZ, Seven Springs hike with Gemma and Kerry in Cave Creek

We are doing lots of fun, wonderful things here in the Benson area!  I can't wait to start blogging about them.  Here is the Seven Springs hike with Gemma and Kerry  in Cave Creek.  Very nice afternoon.

It was a late afternoon hike and pretty!

Mike doing the rock hop!

cool saguaro

Kerry has achieved junior brave status!  Nice feather Kerry!

This was next to the trail......a pet maybe????

Another great walk

Course..... Gemma looks a little like a zombie at this point!:)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Benson, AZ, Part 2 of Bluff Springs hike

We are having a great time in the Benson area and I have lots of pics to prove it.  However, I am a few days behind.  Still a couple of days of Apache Junction area first!

Can you see the 2 rock climbers?

Note the reflection of the saguaro in the water

outcropping known as Weavers Needle

Eisenhower State Park, Kansas

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