Thursday, March 23, 2017

Roosevelt State Park, Morton, MS

We are on our last day of a lovely week at Roosevelt State Park in Mississippi.  It is located about 35 miles east of Jackson in a forested, hilly area with a large lake in the middle.  I would not mind coming back here again some the early spring, of course:)  Flowering trees are blooming amidst the pines and butterflies are out.  Just nice!

partial view of the lake at Roosevelt State Park

this swallow tail reminds me of a stained glass window

one of several trails at the park

dragon flies are popping up more and more also right now

the small blue heron below hung out  near our site one day

wisteria vines coming into bloom look like grapes hanging from the trees
We drove over to LaFluer State Park in Jackson for a hike and brew.  Very nice hike through the swamp there!
LaFluer State Park

After the hike we went to check out the Lucky Town Brewery....which was supposed to be open but was not;(  They did have this fun mural on their wall though:

Not far from the brewery this huge "statue" outside an artist's studio caught my eye. Pretty cool.
 Before heading back to the park we had to have beer....which led us to the Pig and Pint.  Great find!  Lots of good beers and great BBQ!
Pig and Pint, Jackson, MS

We also checked out the Shockaloe Trail not far from here
Shockaloe Trail

never know what kind of "art work" you will find on a trail:)

back at Roosevelt SP

these two were involved in a mating dance

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