Friday, March 31, 2017

Foscue Creek Park ACOE, Demopolis, AL

This past week was spent in yet another awesome Army Corp of Engineer Park just outside of Demopolis, AL.  Would not mind spending more time here some time in the future.

The campground surrounds Foscue Creek, a small arm off the Tombigbee River.  It turns out the Tombigbee River is a water highway for coal barges coming down from the north on the way to the bay.  We were able to watch these barges from the campground about 200 feet from Paradise!  We were also able to watch them go through the lock at the Demopolis Dam just a little further down river.  We had a good view from up on the bank as the barge would go into the lock and "disappear"as the water level lowered it below the dam. Then we could see it come out into the lower river.

There is also a nature trail in the park and just outside the park another trail that will take you down to below the lock.  We easily got 7 miles on one hike from our motorhome, Paradise!

nice pic of an eastern
bluebird first day at the
red headed woodpecker

a coast guard station on the river,  strange to see 140 miles "inland"

lovely wooded trail just outside the park within walking distance

wonderful stump carvings everywhere!

the Demopolis lock and dam

love the exposed root
system on this tree
looking downstream below the dam

resting below the dam are hundreds of white pelicans

zebra swallowtail

wax wing

a meadow lark in the
field near the lock

below, he has caught
lunch, a nice

barge passing by the campground.......

entering the lock........

in the lock being lowered......

......leaving the lock on the lower river

a green heron made an appearance on one of our walks

the ACOE is reintroducing native
wildflowers to the park
red buckeye all over and very pretty!

Paradise with our own wood carving nearby

Mike and Susan of Demopolis own the Spec-tacular Vine and Hoof.  We enjoyed a tasty dinner there one evening.  Nice old building, very charming!

Mike is a musician and used to be the mayor.  We had a very nice conversation with them.  Enjoyed
the evening!

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