Friday, April 7, 2017

Decatur, AL, and Muscle Shoals

Our past week had some nice highlights as they all do.  We spent a memorable day in Muscle Shoals, about an hour from Decatur.  The little town of Muscle Shoals was the "Hit Recording Capital of the World" in the 60's and 70's and houses several recording studios.  We toured 3 of them in chronological order according to when they opened.  Two of the three are still being used.

It is always a moving experience for me to stand in a place where so much wonderful music was produced and recorded.  Most of these amazing singers and musicians never having a clue, but hoping,  their music would become hits and stand the test of time.  Several music stars still go to FAME Studios to record the iconic Muscle Shoals sound.  The lady that led our tour of FAME told us that Greg Allman had been in a few days before to work on an upcoming album.

At FAME recording studios, WOW!

Rick Hall, Hall of Fame Inductee
had the vision and the success

below, looking over the soundboard
through the window into the studio

in the studio

sitting at the keyboard used by Aretha Franklin among many others!

Next stop, 3614 Jackson Hwy.  Was abandoned after being outgrown. Opened by The Swampers, 4 studio musicians who broke away from FAME.  Has since been renovated by a non-profit with some original items having been returned including the piano.

below, you can see Cher used the front for an album cover

inside the 3614 Jackson Hwy studio

final stop, Cypress Moon, opened by
the Swampers after outgrowing
3614 Jackson Hwy.

Now owned and operated by Tanya Holly. A movie producer and very nice, interesting person, she gave us
a tour of the studio
Tonya with her dog Precious in Studio A

We went on a nice hike at the
Cane Creek Nature Preserve

Had not seen a waterfall for
a while!:)

Pretty stream

Odd to be hiking in hilly country again!

good IPA here!

 Nice morning at Wheeler NWR

Ahh, birds and blooms!

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