Friday, December 30, 2011

Apache Junction, Dinner at Gemma and Kerrys

My brother Paul came out for a few days and is staying with my sister, Gemma, and husband, Kerry up in north Phoenix.  We drove up to spend the day and have a holiday dinner.  Here are a few pics from after dinner.

Gemma and Paul

Kerry.....stay clear!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Apache Junction, Hiking in Usuary Mtn. Regional Park

Finally back out for a hike!  It's been a while.  I don't know why it is even though we are retired, we just can't do everything we want to do all the time!;)

Had a great hike! Love the saguaro cactus.....a little wildlife. A beautiful day!  The small mountain is called Pass Mtn. The locals call it Scarface and you can see why.  Wanted to hike on the mountain but the trail was so busy we opted for a lower hike and will do the mountain and Wind Cave(on the mountain) another day.

Pass Mountain

saguaro cactus

detail of cholla cactus

what a great perch!

there he goes!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Apache Junction, Cookies and Christmas Day

Had a lovely Christmas with Mike's side of the family!  From cookie decorating to Christmas Day at the Rooneys' and Dunigans'.

Two happy cousins........

......and a thoughtful little boy

Ready, set, go! It's cookie decorating time!

This is fun....

...but also takes concentration.

Getting decorating advice from Grandma

Pat stays out of the

A beautiful Christmas morning!

Jane and Hurley look this way!

How do you put this thing together??

Molly checking out the action

Check out my new griddle! A happy that hair for real?

It's Christmas and Kyler finally gets to eat the gingerbread house!

Mom and Reba both dressed for the occasion:)

All this excitement just wears Dan out and Mark may be next!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Apache Junction, Tamales for Xmas

Yesterday, we went over to Mikes cousin Cathy and Pats house to help make tamales for our christmas dinner.  It took us pretty much all afternoon and of course we had fun but we now have a much better understanding of "homemade tamales"!  After working for a while and trying to make the perfect tamale, we opened a bottle of wine and relaxed and did not worry so much.  They are far from perfect but definitely made with love.

Does Cathy look a little out of focus or are you drinking wine too!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Apache Junction AZ, Desert Bar near Parker

A couple of days before we left our friends, Joni and Al,  in Topock we drove out near Parker, AZ to check out the Desert Bar.  It sounded interesting as it is located 5 miles off a dirt road, hmmmm.  It was quite eclectic to say the least but definitely a fun place!  Joni and Al are thinking of going back there for New Years Eve and I think it would be a blast.

This is the place???

A chapel facade in the parking lot....of course!

We came this far.....we are going in.

Live music, lots of people, fun!

yes, it's the bathroom, but no walls and built into the side of the hill!

peek at the band from behind

big place, could easily accommodate a New Years Eve party!

This was the way in.

Time to go, but some of us will be back!

Eisenhower State Park, Kansas

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