Thursday, November 22, 2018


A very Happy Thanksgiving to all!  We have hiked a couple of redwood groves since we've been in northern CA.  Just something magical about those giants of nature. We are leaving Ukiah tomorrow for Salinas, CA.

Our time here in Ukiah was very nice as we are back in wine country;)  It has been unfortunate, though, as we have been near the city of Paradise and smaller towns which suffered devastating losses with the Camp Fire.  Most of our week stay was encased in the smoke from the fire but we finally have rain! Yay!  The fire victims and families are in our thoughts.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park:

Mike is in this pic

banana slug

Smith River

some time ago a tree fell in-between these two giants knocking them down, Mike stands in-between the upturned root balls

a photo op;)

 Just a couple more coastal sunsets:

Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve near Ukiah:


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Harris Beach State Park, Oregon Caves, OR

Another lovely beach in front of our motorhome!  This time we are up on a bluff and have a bit further to go to get to the beach but oh is it worth it!!  Having a great time here with just a couple of days left.  This area is more rugged and dramatic than further up the coast.  We have had mostly sunny days which is unusual for this time of year and so have been very fortunate!

morning looking off the bluff over Harris Beach

Harris Beach at high tide, at low tide the rocks in the distance expose hundreds of sea stars!

We drove inland to check out
Oregon Caves National
Monument, one of the few marble
caves in the US

after the cave tour we did a small hike up to this viewpoint

Nov 4, cloudy, a bit rainy and very dramatic on the coast!

we have seen several black tail deer around including in our campsite

Our hiking here has been primarily along sections of the Oregon Coat Trail.  A nice workout with lots of ups and downs and, of course, marvelous scenery!  One minute you are walking near the ocean with a wide open view and the next slipping into the trees, like the picture below, for a section of dense forest.  It is amazing!
here we are walking up the trail, past a Canadian goose:), and into the "hole" in the forest!  The goose dd not want
to leave the trail for some reason we could not determine as we did not see any more around

in a forested section of the OT

a view from the Oregon Trail

local brewery in Brookings, very nice and close:)

Humbug Mountain State Park, we hiked here one day

On Harris Beach at low tide
what fun!

Exposed mussels, barnacles
and hundreds of sea stars
(star fish) and crabs!!
rock after rock have sea stars attached, I've never seen so many!!

a bit of a dramatic sunset  perhaps, but hey, that's what my camera "saw"

light and waves coming through Arch Rock in the afternoon on our beach 

a more realistic and still dramatic sunset on Harris Beach

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Wrapping up Seal Rock, OR, Whale Tails, etc!!

Here are some more pics from Seal Rock up to Depoe Bay, Oregon.  What a great 2 week stay there!

In grey whale watching capitol
Depoe Bay on a foggy day!
On another day (clear) in Depoe Bay enjoying a brew overlooking the bay and watching
whales spout in the distance

early morning at Seal Rock

Male and female
peregrine falcons. Live on
the cliffs at the Yaquina
Head Lighthouse visitors

evening in Newport harbor

walks on Seal Rock Beach

Seal Rock Beach

crab molts

south end of Depoe Bay looking north.....

watching whales from Rocky Point just south of Depoe Bay!!!!

I have lots more pics like these!!!!  Mesmerizing to watch!!!

Devils Punchbowl

some kinda driftwood on this beach!!

oyster catcher on Seal Rock Beach

gulls in the morning on Seal Rock Beach

US Army Corp of Engineers Park, Iowa City, IA

Mike and I love it when we can find a COE park because they are always on water and our last stop at Coralville Lake was no exception.  A bi...