Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Superstition Mtns, Wave Cave, Apache Junction

Back on the road again!  About time right?!  Yay!!!!! 

We are in Apache Junction, AZ.  Have been here a week and leave this Friday.  The Superstition Mountain range, with its many trails, is one of my favorite areas to hike and is just 10 minutes from the Weavers Needle RV park where we are staying.  I have posted pics from trails here in the past so will just mention a couple of new trails we've done:

Below are the Superstitions as we see them from Apache Junction.  These pics were taken the day after we had record breaking rainfall here....and record breaking snowfall up there!  That would be the 22nd and 23rd.

This is the other side of the mountains where most of the trails are accessed.

The rest of the pics are from our hike to the Wave Cave Trail yesterday.  It is a short hike, 3 miles out and back with a 846ft elev. gain.  The last couple of hundred feet being rather challenging.  It's rated one of the most difficult in the Superstitions. 
the cave is in the middle of the pic

to the left of the cave you can see a couple of small waterfalls

at the entrance the rock formation does look like a wave

a large open cave with a very nice view!

close view of the small waterfalls

a long waterfall in the distance.....

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