Monday, March 14, 2016

Last of Big Bend NP, TX

We were very happy we went back to Big Bend NP and should we return, we still have trails we need to walk;)  Would love to see the park in the late spring sometime to catch more plants blooming.....but it gets so hot!

These first 6 pics show some of the beautiful painted desert around Terlingua and the park:

Chisos Mtns in the background!

 We drove the 51 mile dirt river road in the park and did get to see a lot of early spring flowers and flowering prickly pear and rainbow cactus!

We also climbed around the ruins of the Mariscal Mine, an abandoned quicksilver (mercury) mine.
That was very interesting and the most complete mine ruins we've seen to date!

There were warning signs up to caution us against picking up/touching anything there possibly contaminated....we did not touch!

I was thrilled when we started to see prickly pear blooming......

and even more thrilled to see rainbow cactus (I'd never seen them before) blooming also!

you can see the rainbow lines on this rainbow cactus very clearly

free range, these could very well be Mexican horses;)

the Rio Grande

this is a gold-fronted woodpecker!

vermillion flycatcher


  1. Absolutely stunning! I can see why you guys returned. Fascinating landscapes and the Flowers!

    1. Yes Lisa, so happy we went back!


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