Monday, March 21, 2016

Sitting Bull Falls, NM

Our second day (out of 4) in White City, we could not go to Guadalupe Mtns NP to hike as the weather was nasty!  Icy rain and wind chill of 19 degrees!  So we bundled up and headed the opposite direction to Sitting Bull Falls on the other side of Carlsbad Caverns.  We had tried to see the falls when in the area 2 years ago but it was closed for upgrades.

We drove through Dark Canyon to get to the falls.  We saw lots of vultures and wondered if that was where the name came from;)

this walkway and viewing area had been added when the falls were "closed"

Sitting Bull Falls, a very colorful area

we were able to walk up to the top of the falls and look down into the falls canyon

here we are looking down into the creek that runs off the ledge forming the falls

the canyon walls leading into the falls area had lots of bushes with beautiful purple blooms

We watched a red tail hawk land on her nest, she is looking at us I'm sure:)


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