Monday, March 28, 2016

Smith and Manzanita Springs Trail, Guadalupe Mtns NP, TX

Our last hike in the Guadalupe Mountains took place in the foothills and we saw a couple of nice, clear springs and got a little history on the Frijole Ranch.

As I mentioned at the beginning of our stay near the park, there are many trails there for serious hikers.  We would have liked to attempted a couple of the longer, steeper ones but for the weather!!  Maybe next time,  whenever that may be:)

Before we headed to the Springs Trail, we drove up towards Carlsbad Caverns to, hopefully, stop on the roadside and see some bighorn sheep.  The sheep did not make an appearance but this beautiful golden eagle did!:

Manzanita Springs

Smith Springs


  1. The eagle is beautiful! Looks like another terrific hike. It amazes me that TX has so many springs!

    1. Texas is so big but the springs are definitely concentrated in a few areas;)


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