Saturday, March 5, 2016

Santa Elena Canyon and Pine Canyon Trails, Big Bend NP

If you could only be in the park for a few days, the Santa Elena Canyon, in the SW end of the park, would be in the top 2!  A short trail, about 2 miles out and back, you get to actually walk into the canyon next to the Rio Grande and experience some of the wonderful scenery:

on our way to SEC we saw a couple of vermillion fly catchers!

Our first sighting of the Rio Grande on this trip with the opening to SEC coming into view

there are Texas bluebells everywhere lining the roads!

The shade was so welcome;)  The water very slow moving and like a mirror.

reflection of the canyon wall

Standing on a little rock spit, I am about in the middle of the canyon 

canyon wren

leaving the canyon we drove by a lot of painted desert.....

and an old ranchers house
Another in the near the top of the list for scenery is the Pine Canyon Trail.  This trail starts in grasslands at the end of a dirt road and takes you up into a forested area, with pinion pine, junipers and oaks, and ending at the base of a 200ft cliff which has a waterfall in the rainy season.  It was dripping for us;)

It is also a bear area and we were fortunate enough to hear, and Mike see, the rumps of two juvenile bears running away from us on the opposite side of the canyon!

rewarded again with cool shade in the forested area

the "waterfall" and the end of the least it was dripping;)


  1.! Wouldn't have expected them down there. Looks wonderful...but sounds HOT!

  2. It was very warm Lisa, we've been having to get up way too early;)


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