Thursday, March 3, 2016

Terlingua, TX

We arrived in Terlingua on the 27th to spend just over  weeks exploring Big Ben National Park and area.  We were here 2 years ago for a week and did not have enough time to see what we wanted in the park.  It is a big one!  We needed more time!

The park encompasses over 800,000 acres so we are driving long distances every day, but it is worth it! It is hotter than we expected, mid 80s to mid 90s!  So we get up early!!!

We are seeing a fair amount of wild life, coyotes are more visible here than in

The Chisos Mountains are beautiful and we plan on doing some hiking here!!

 We stopped in Willcox, AZ on the way down here hoping to see the sandhill cranes but they had left
early due to the unusually warm weather.  On our first hike in Big Bend I heard sandhills and looked up....a flock of about 20 was flying over! So we got to see some anyway!

The Chimneys Trail:

The morning sun shines on the "chimneys" down in the valley

cactus I have not seen before in the desert!

a window in one of the chimney formations

petroglyphs can be seen at the bottom of this chimney

there is a lot of ancient indian evidence all around this chimney!  Just amazing how much!  Lots of grinding stones and tones of scrim.  Must have been a busy place once upon a time.

grinding stone in foreground

Three colors of prickly pear

Deer crossed the road in front of us on day 2
on our way to Mule Ears SpringsTrail

the mule ears formation

Mule Ears Springs

walls from a homestead near Mule Ear Springs

View of Santa Elena Canyon in the distance. The Rio Grande runs through this canyon


  1. Great photos! Looks like you're having a good time!

    1. We are Joni:) Mike just has to get up early every day;)

    2. Oh crap. So much for being retired. : ) Rick

  2. Great photos! Looks like you're having a good time!

  3. one can spend a long time in BBNP and still never see it all

    1. I have no doubt! We will see as much as we can though!

  4. That's way too hot for hiking! But since I'm living vicariously through you I am glad you got out there any way! ;-)

    1. Never fails right....they are having unusually warm temps:)


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