Thursday, March 24, 2016

Devils Hall Trail, Guadalupe Mtns NP, TX

This trail is a must do if ever you go to Guadalupe Mtns NP!  Scenic and fun!  It involves quite a bit of easy boulder hopping as half the trail, including "devils hall" is in a boulder strewn canyon.  It is not a long trail, about 4.5 out and back but it takes a bit longer with the boulder hopping.

A crisp day, we were once again protected in the canyon and a cloudless sky ensured plenty of sun!

off we go on another beautiful hike

down into the canyon....

adventure awaits 

ah the scenery!!!

a seeming dead end, we realized we had to climb the steps into a narrowing canyon

Mike waiting for me to join him at the top of the "stairs"

surprised to see a large tinaja, this one with very little water though

looking down canyon over the top of the tinaja

the canyon narrows still more....

until we find ourselves at Devils Hall!  Very cool!

the canyon continues so we do too.....

until we come across a sign requesting we go no further to protect wildlife areas

so back we go....what a place!

great hike!!

On the way back to White city after the hike we stopped to check out an area called Rattlesnake Springs which had a nice picnic area.  We saw a large flock of turkeys and the toms were so much fun!  When we "gobbled" at them they would respond!  We did this for a while and had quite a conversation with them;)  Didn't know we could talk turkey;)

toms on this side of fence and hens on the other....I guess just cause they wanted to be!


  1. Looks like an awesome hike, love all the unique rock!

    Turkeys are always such a crack up...we have them coming through our current campground too!

    1. You and Hans would really like it!

  2. we loved the rock formations on that hike, we did it a few years back


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