Monday, April 29, 2013

Woodland WA, Bald Eagle

It is certainly nice to be in this area in the spring!  Scores and scores of Canadian Geese pass overhead every day:

 Robins are everywhere looking for worms and bugs.
 Aren't these two kids adorable??
 The older one needed a milk snack while I was watching.....
 The younger one really seemed to enjoy the closeness of his older sibling
 How cute is that????  Awwww
 Look, more geese flying overhead!

 Watching this bald eagle swoop down to gather straw for a nest was thrilling!

 Here he or she is taking a break after depositing the nesting material.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Woodland WA, the area

We are right on the Columbia River in the Columbia River RV Park.  It is beautiful, of course, with the river and all the ships that go by, the wildlife, the greenery.  Last year we were here in July and had to deal with summer winds coming up the river, as pretty as it is, the winds and the noise from them got to me and I was happy we did not spend much time in the park.

This year, we are here until Sephira is born and home from the hospital.  We have a breeze but not the summer winds....yet.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

This is us. lots of green lawn leading down to the water

our view,  just waiting for a barge or battleship to come along on the river

this mare lives right next to the park, you can see a bit of the river

these cows are in some kind of a way station down the road a bit from us......

they are changed out every few days as though they are dropped off by one truck and picked up to continue their journey on another

this osprey was slowing cruising the river looking for breakfast

she almost comes to a stop as she looks at the water below, very cool to watch!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Woodland WA, Whooo's This??

Was thrilled to get this sequence of pics on my morning walk:

Great Horned Owl

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