Friday, April 12, 2013

Prescott AZ, an island storm

In the pics below I took photos of the Cracked Conch restaurant and dive site.  We had  a wonderful meal here and Mike dove from this site a couple of times as there is a nice wall to view underwater.

The first few pics were taken the day before a small storm blew through.  Then I took pics while the storm was still blowing through of the Cracked Conch area and a couple of downtown.  Crazy!

note how calm and tranquil the water is and how far out on the rock the tables go normally....

day of the storm

now see where the waves are crashing up on the restaurant deck....

yes, they knew the storm was coming and removed all the tables from that area;)

this is George Town waterfront,  look how high the waves are crashing in!

a good salt water bath if you were driving there!

this little guy was very interesting, note the band around his neck and his tail was cut off at some point and grew back disfigured.....I swear that band is a rubber band!  It does not look like a natural growth!

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