Thursday, April 18, 2013

Redmond, OR

Cut across the northeast corner of CA today and into Oregon.  I'm happy to say the weather is warming up!  We are staying in a KOA just north of Redmond and will be finishing our trip to Ridgefield, WA, tomorrow.  We will be having dinner together with Felicia and Jeff tomorrow evening!!

Here are some pics from todays travels:

a little deja vu here.  not the first time we've had to stop for ranchers herding cattle down the road

just about out of CA

look at this roller coaster road south of Bend, OR.  if some of those trees look like redwoods, I believe they are!

part of the Three Sisters mtns, pretty!!!

in the pasture next to us at the rv park.  these are young uns!

lots of song birds in the park.....

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