Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grand Cayman, need I say more??

Hi from Grand Cayman!  This drink is called a Seven Mile Sunset. Probably because we are near Seven Mile Beach!

We arrived yesterday afternoon in Cayman and after a nice dinner with our neighbors/host/friend/divemaster, Brad and Becky, and a good nights sleep had a terrific first day on the island!  Here's our place and a nearby beach:

coconut palm in the yard along with mango and cherry trees

Ain't it cute!

our little rental car, note the steering wheel.....yep it's on the left and we are driving on the left, wierd!

this view of the cottage from across the yard shows our very own sink hole. yes that is what that patch of vegetation is growing in!  We have been warned to stay away from it, hmmmm, I guess so!!

this is the pier where Mike takes off with Brad for diving.....

I went for a walk on the beautiful beach this morning

all these shells are alive with hermit crabs, so tiny but fun to watch them climbing over each other!

this is where we had dinner, a favorite of Mikes from previous dining trips

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  1. What a fun change from the desert! Nice pics!


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