Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mina NV, Pics from Prescott

Some of you may be wondering why we were back in Las Vegas and now Mina, NV, instead of heading north as originally planned toward the Four Corners area and up through CO to Yellowstone and Glacier.

We are beelining to Ridgefield, WA, to be with my daughter and son-in-law.  Felicia is 28 weeks pregnant and experiencing complications as well as our next granddaughter, Sephira.  Sephira is under weight and has fluid around her heart, both concerns in the doctors eyes. Felicia is exhibiting symptoms of preeclampsia which can be dangerous to the mother.  The doctors are watching closely to take Sephira at any time if need be and we are all hoping and praying that she is able to stay put for a few more weeks.  At the very best, she will be born at 35 weeks. Please add your thoughts and prayers.

Mike and I are, fortunately, in a position to change our plans at a moments notice and are headed to WA to be with them.  We should be there by Friday.

In the mean time, here are some pics from our 2 days in Prescott, AZ, where we had to go for the 4th time for followup warranty repairs on Paradise!  This is Willow Lake which is right near the dealership.  Still looking like winter there but nice to see the cormorants nesting!

see the cormorants in the tops of the trees?

and some pretty water birds....

this guy looked like he was exercising

Swainsons Hawk

check this out!  did not look like a mating ritual.  they dove at each other.  looked more territorial

did this one lose a feather from the attack?

this cormorant was singing away!

a Red Tail checking me out

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