Friday, August 28, 2015

Last Posting of My Turkish Adventure;)

In addition to seeing a bit more of Istanbul, I also visited the cities of Bursa and Kushadasi while in Turkey.  We took a high speed boat across the Sea of Marmara to get from Istanbul to Bursa :
 Bursa boasts an amazing tramway that takes you up and down over a couple of mountain peaks!  It may be the best tram ride I have ever taken:

 Back down in the city of Bursa, we visited a mausoleum covered with highly prized Iznik ceramic tiles:
 The mausoleum housed a sultan and his family and lots more of the beautiful tiles:

 On our road trip to Ephesus, we visited the city of Kushadasi on the Aegean coast:

sunset at Kushadasi
 Back to more sights of Istanbul:

centuries old Maiden's Tower sits in front of an evolving city

Dolmabahce Palace in the foreground 

Dolmabahce Palace gates

Pinar, myself and brother Paul enjoy our last night together out on the town 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Ephesus, Turkey

During my two weeks in Turkey, I visited the ancient ruins of the city of Ephesus.  What an amazing place!  Ephesus played an important part in biblical history as both St. Paul spent time there and St. John is said to be buried there.

My brother and I arrived there first thing in the morning, as we were staying in the nearby town of Seljuk, and were able to work our way through some of the ruins before the bus loads of tourists came.  We were very happy we did as we got to spend time looking around the Grand Theater virtually alone.

Sections of the old Roman aqueduct run through the city of Seljuk:

storks live on top of the aqueduct

 The Grand Theater seated approx 25,000 people and is believed to be the largest of it's kind in the ancient world.  Not just a theater for performances, it was also an arena for gladiators.

 The Celsus Library.  This is the most well known monument in Ephesus

The Fountain Building

one of the shops at the entrance to Ephesus;)

 Back in Seljuk more of the aqueduct.  Some of the aqueducts pillars were used as a wall in some modern houses!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Madrid, Spain

From the craziness of Pamplona to the beautiful city of Madrid for a fast 3 day visit before seeing our  friends off to their respective homes.  Then I follow my brother and wife to Turkey for 2 weeks!

 A transplanted Egyptian temple:

 A very quick look around El Museo Del Prado.  Must return one day to spend more time here!  Thousands of beautiful, precious works of art!

 Pictures taken in the botanical gardens:

this is for your Pinar:)
Our hotel, El Paseo Del Arte, very nice!

 Yes, of course we went to see a Flamenco show!  Awesome!

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