Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ajo AZ, Organ Pipe Cactus NM

Here are some pics from our Puerto Blanco Rd. trail we did in the monument.  Very nice, got a good 8 mile walk in.  So nice when the clouds move in.  I've started taking pics of unusual or interesting saguaros.  That is easy out here!

these black water bottles are carried by illegals

check out this nest!!  Great location!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ajo AZ, Ajo scenic loop

Another beautiful day and another beautiful hike.  Loved the rock formations:

kinda looks like big scoops of chocolate ice cream or maybe pudding....

don't you think?

the rock pillar you see on the left is just spectacular....

hard to put it in perspective size wise.......

but it's huge and almost free standing

do you see the spider?.....

here he comes!

If you are not careful driving you ATV around.....

you could find yourself in an open, abandoned, test mine shaft....

no fence or signs around this one!

there is that pillar again from the other side

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ajo AZ, Gate 15 on the Barry M Goldwater Range

In order to do this hike we had to watch a film and fill out a request for a permit to enter the Air Force Range.  We were then instructed to call a number and answer questions when we intended to enter one of the gates and were also given the code to the lock on the gates.  This is an inactive part (obviously;)) of an active Air Force firing range.  In the film we were cautioned to look out for unexploded ordinances and to avoid them but call them in.  Interesting huh?

Though we did not come across anything resembling ordinances, we did come across at least to sites where trash had been left from illegals crossing the range.  We have had rain the past 2 days and were told yesterday by a park ranger that a large group of illegals were picked up on the road.  Apparently, when it gets too tough for them they find a road and get picked up by the border patrol to be sent back to Mexico.

This is one of about 4 gates we can enter with the code given.

A very pretty area.

Another really tall saguaro!  What do you think....40+feet?

abandoned well


and more trash, probably from illegals

lots of tiny flowers, we have been getting rain!.

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