Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yuma AZ, Los Algodones Mexico

We are so close to the Mexican border that we had to do a day in Mexico.  We had a good time!  Los Algodones caters to Americans, of course, so we did not have to have a good command of Spanish as everyone spoke some English.  Lots of Americans visit the town to have cheap dental and optical work done and to buy cheap medication drugs and cheaper liquor.  You can drive across but as the town is right there, it is easier to leave your car in a fenced, $5 a day parking area and walk across.

We needed none of the services provided so we thought we would just go check out the town, have lunch and return.  Turns out there were a few items we found out we "needed" in the shops as we had a good time bargaining for a better price and I had the best chili relleno ever for lunch, yum!

Took this pic as we were walking across the border and Mike was reading a sign that said no pic taking allowed, oops!

the pharmacies and liquor stores were all painted purple.....helpful I guess!

courtyard fountain, notice sign in back for dentistry

now we're talking!

yes, I'm enjoying it!!

lunch entertainment

Mike in a candy store

every imaginable kind of pinata

Mike in another candy store!

view while standing in line waiting to cross back into USA

Yuma sunset


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