Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yuma AZ, Muggins Wilderness hike

We are leaving Yuma today!  On to our next adventure in Ajo, AZ.  Located just 150 miles east of here, we don't have a long drive this time.  Have really enjoyed, as always, the things we found to do in the Yuma area but am hoping the Ajo landscape has a bit more character than here!

I have a few things still to show from Yuma so I will throw those in during Ajo but for now here is our last hike from this area.  We walked around Muggins Mountain in the Muggins Wilderness.  Another beautiful day.  Hike was well marked to begin with but about halfway around that changed and we may have actually left the trail for a bit because it was a totally different hike at that point, lots of slippery rock areas which obscure the trail route.  It made it a bit more fun though and we had a great time!

this is where the trail really started to get interesting......

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