Sunday, March 20, 2016

Guadalupe Mtns NP, TX, McKittrick Canyon Trl

We are staying in White City, NM, to visit Guadalupe Mountains NP, TX.  Guadalupe Mtns NP is all about hiking.  Several trails many of which are strenuous. A very scenic area of course!  We decided to see what we could in the 4 days we allowed for this area and dealing with adverse weather conditions.  Cold and windy!!

Our first hike was McKittrick Canyon and the hike and the day turned out to be lovely, you never know this time of year here.   A few points of interest on this hike, an old ranch, a grotto and hunters cabin,  and great scenery!

getting ready to head up canyon

very excited to see madrones!!  love these beautiful trees......

and they are blooming and smell great!

huge alligator junipers also lined the way

the old ranch, made out of stone carried up into the canyon, even the roof is stone!

our first view of the "grotto"

a constant dripping spring

hmmm, what is it?

stone tables were built near the grotto for picnicking

Mike heading to the hunters cabin

grotto on the way down

lovely canyon!


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