Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Apache Junction AZ, more pics from Oatman

We traveled yesterday arriving in Apache Junction about 5pm. We are now here for 2 months!  Our longest stay in one place since retiring!  Course it's winter and warmer it better right now.  Not that it is any warmer here than Vegas now.  Strange year for weather.

Very excited to be near Mike's cousin, Cathy, and family.  Also relatively near my sister, Gemma, and husband in north Phoenix!

Here are the rest of the pics I wanted to show from Oatman.

Santa probably has carrots in his sack for the donkeys:)

The best little whaaat?

Cowboy Al and Dancehall girl Joni!;)

Mike making a new friend....won't last cause he does not have any carrots!

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