Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pensacola FL, Final Post

Another nice morning hike in wetlands near the coast:

 A stop at a local history museum in Pensacola
pottery sporting designs from the Mississippian culture 120 to 1700AD

 A very interesting display of a defunct local bar, Trader Jon's.  A colorful tidbit in local history:
 The bar was so popular that it became the place to stop by for visiting military VIP's and other celebrities many of whom donated something to the bars huge collection of memorabilia.
befriended by the Blue Angels, Trader Jon flew with them 6 times!

enjoying a perch on top of a long leafed pine

Our last big outing in Pensacola was Fort Pickens built in the early 1800s.  Yes, another fort.  They all do have their own interesting stories.  This is a big one mostly intact with a lot to see:

Battery Pensacola was built inside the original fort for extra protection when rifled cannons came into use.

this corner of the fort was destroyed when the power room blew up from a fire in 1899

The Gulf Islands National Seashore offers a pure white sand made of quartz washed down from the southern Appalachians in Georgia.  It is something to experience if you get the chance.  We saw a lot more of it around Fort Pickens.

check out the talons on this osprey!

stopped for a brew and bite here!

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