Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Apache Junction, San Tans Hike

On the first, we hiked some of the San Tan range.  Not as craggy as some of the other mountains around here but a very nice hike non the less.  Weather was perfect and we got a good stretch in.

On a family note, Paul and his cat, Killer, are recovering nicely in Istanbul, Turkey.  He and Pnar are now talking about an April wedding.  April in Turkey sounds nice to me!  Will work out well with the arrival of our new motorhome which we should have by end of March.

Mike checking out a survey marker on the trail

A lot of these flatter trails are horse trails also.....watch where you step!

ocotillo already blooming!

This park had some of the tallest saguaros we have seen.  This one around 40ft

lots of color on this little guy

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