Friday, February 24, 2012


Yep, we are now in Benson, AZ, checking out the area.  We will be going to places like Tombstone and Kartchner Carverns.  The internet is not good in Paradise so I have to do these from the clubhouse.

However, I still have about 4 days of Apache Junction area, so here is part 1 of our last hike in the Superstitions!  As you can see, spring is showing in these parts big time.  Just amazing!  Part 2 of the same hike next blog!

You guessed(or read) it, we did the Bluff Springs trail

thought this looked a little like baby swiss cheese

the yellow hats are youth conservation corp workers, repairing the trail

we could look down on the Peralta trail

thought the rocks were cool.  did not see the hawk till I looked at this at home. bonus!

was excited to capture my first butterfly pic of the year!

check out those wavy rock columns!

watch out!  the hawk is coming straight at you!!

.......pulls up and away just in the nick of time!

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  1. this time a hawk posed for u. u must be special for nature and all things natural!


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