Monday, October 29, 2012

Prescott AZ, Prescott Nat'l Forest

We are still here.  The part we were waiting for did come in today and they installed it but it did not fix the problem:(  Here we sit waiting for Winnebago to get back with Affinity with some suggestions.

On Saturday, we drove up into the Prescott National Forest.  Caught a little history then had a great 7 mile hike, 3 1/2 miles up with a 1200 foot elevation change.  The reward were some great views of the Prescott area.

the sap on a recently felled tree shone like diamonds in the sunlight!

our destination, a fire lookout tower

always nice to see wildlife

check out the close up of the bark on this tree.........


  1. Not a bad area to be stuck in!

  2. No it is not;) Things can always be much worse......we could be working and have to go through this!:)


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