Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wells, NV, Smith Lake trl

We head further into Nevada tomorrow 200 miles to the town of Baker near Great Basin National Park.  Looking forward to Hiking in the park but it may be much colder!  It did not get very warm today and dropped to freezing last night so we will see.

Got my hair cut tonight in the only beauty parlor in town run by a local, Mindy Euleg.  I asked her if she was from here and not only is she from this area she is from Metropolis, the ghost town we went out to see!  OK, Actually she, being in her late 20s early 30s, is not from the actual ghost town but one of the ranches in the area that used to be a part of Metropolis.  Her grandfather emigrated from Germany and moved all the way out here to Metropolis, now part of Wells, to grow potatoes which he did for a while.  The family still grows hay but now raises cattle.

This morning we drove back up into the Humbolts to do the Smith Lake trail.  We made sure to wear red as the hunters are out, deer season opened up a week ago;)

This is Angel Lake again, we had to go here for the Smith lake trailhead

The town of Wells, yep, it's small

views of and around Smith lake

some more fall beauty

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  1. Nice meeting you guys! Did the Smith Lake hike today. Was about 45 degrees and a little wind. We enjoyed the hike and just hanging out at the lake relaxing and soaking up the views. We had a big breakfast at Bella's, so that powered us up the hill! We were above 4 hunters, and we could watch what they were doing, but we never heard a gun shot all day. Have a great journey and hopefully we will see you on the road in the near future. Hans Kohls


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