Thursday, October 11, 2012

Las Vegas, Bristlecone Pines

An interesting day here in rained most of the day;)  We were two months in Washington and never saw a drop of rain!  hmmmmm

After checking out the alpine lakes in Great Basin we took a side trail that took us to the bristlecone pine grove.  Bristlecones are amazing plants, in fact, they are the oldest living things on earth!  The oldest recorded tree is around 5 thousand years old!  It is located in the Patriarch Grove on the NV/CA border.  In this grove at Great Basin they have trees well over 3 thousand years old.

When we got to the grove there was an interpretive trail with informative signs.  I took pics of them all so you can do the trail without driving all the way to the park.  However, given the chance, you should get up there and see for yourselves:)

during drought years, parts of the tree will die allowing other parts to survive

aren't they beautiful?

limber pine needles.....

bristlecone pine needles

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