Monday, October 1, 2012

Wells, Nevada

Yes, we are back in Nevada!  Northern Nevada to be more accurate in the small town of Wells.  Not much here but there is some hiking in the area and that is what we are really here for.

Arrived this afternoon so don't have any pics from today but I do have a story from a previous day.  Remember the beautiful ram we saw at Malad Gorge State Park.  I finally found out what he is and possibly why he is here.

Seems he is a Barbados ram and, yes, I mean from Barbados.  The ranger I spoke with said the ram showed up at the park a few years ago and the nearest they can figure is that the ram was brought in for some exotic wild game hunt and managed to evade the hunters and now lives in the park.  As crazy as that sounded, the ranger went on to tell me that the ram goes to neighboring ranches when the calves are separated from their mothers in their on corral and he squeezes under the fence and encourages the calves to leave with him back under the fence.  He takes them away somewhere for a while and then returns them! He was given this information by the ranchers who saw it happen!  I would love to see that happening.

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