Monday, October 15, 2012

Las Vegas, Fremont Village

Mike and I are visiting family and friends while here in Vegas and that means a lot of eating out.  The food is all good here of course but it's more restaurant food than we've had in a long time and we are not hiking right now!  The park has a one mile walk marked by arrows painted on the asphalt which is very helpful so at least I'm getting some walking in.

While in Baker, we checked out an ancient Fremont Indian site.  Not really anything there as you can see.  You must use your imagination and the little booklet that is provided to help with that.  The site was excavated and objects removed, to where is a good question because that is not explained.  The walls or portions of walls that were exposed during the process were carefully reburied and then outlined on the surface as you can see so one can see the layout of the buildings.

we hadn't seen lizards in a while

the petals on this tiny plant look like tissue paper

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