Saturday, October 13, 2012

Las Vegas, believe it or not....

...I still have a couple more posts coming from the Great Basin area.  I, admittedly, am spreading them out as we are here in Vegas for another week and are doing the family, friends get togethers.  Unlikely that we will be getting out for a hike or other sightseeing.

We just ended day one of our weekend yard sale over at Mike's Aunt Janes' house.  We emptied the storage unit we had been keeping here and are getting rid, one way or the other, of the contents.  If it does not sell, it goes to charity!

the afternoon sun peeking through the trees highlighting glacial streams

we walked down into this ditch a ways but there is nothing left of the aqueduct described.  Can you imagine though, an 18 mile wooden aqueduct??

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