Monday, March 10, 2014

River Mountain Trail, Boulder City

I have done this trail several times over the years but this is the first time I've seen a herd of Bighorn up there. Very exciting!  This trail is an out and back and the reward, if you fork right at the saddle and head over to the top of Black Mountain, is a 360 view of the area.  This includes Lake Mead, Las Vegas and Boulder City:

this trail starts off through some pretty little arroyos

blooming cactus first week in March!

the trail takes us right up between Red and Black Mountains

spots of yellow in between rugged lava formations

I could see at least 10 Bighorn in this herd up on the ridge

up at the viewpoint you can see Lake Mead......

Boulder City.....

and Las Vegas!

a close up view of the lake and the bypass Hover Dam Bridge on the right

Desert Mallow

this guy was really close  to us and seemed content to watch the hikers go by

looking down towards Boulder City from the saddle on the way back

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  1. How wonderful to see so many big horns! Exciting! Looks like a great hike.


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