Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lassen Volcanic NP, CA

We've spent the past four days in Red Bluff, CA and enjoyed driving up to Lassen Volcanic NP 2 of those days to explore some of the park.

This beautiful park includes several volcanos.  The largest, Mt. Lassen, experienced a series of eruptions in 1914-15 making in the only other volcano in the US to have erupted in the 20th century.  The park offers beautiful mountain scenery, manzanita covered meadows, fumeroles, mud pots and hot springs! We did some great hikes but have plenty more to do next time through this area:)


Clarks Nutcracker

Bumpass Hell hike


Lake Helen

Vulture drying it's wings in the morning sun

Terrace Lake

Shadow Lake

Wolfs lichen grows profusely  on many of pines here

Some color on the way to Cliff Lake

Cliff Lake

Steller Jay

Kings Creek babbles through the forest

In front of Kings Creek Falls

Mike is out on the path in this manzanita covered hillside

Looking down on the Hell's Kitchen area


  1. I love pika ears!

    Looks like good temperatures for hiking. Next time you come through check out the Devil's Kitchen/Boiling Springs Lake trails...awesome!

  2. Will do Lisa. Really enjoyed the park!

  3. Boiling Springs is a nice hike! - Richard

    1. Thanks Richard! It's on the list for next visit!


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