Friday, April 22, 2016

Embuto Trl, Sandia Mtns, Albuquerque, NM

A few days ago, Mike still being gone, I hiked the Embuto Trail in the Sandias, elevation change 2100ft.  The weather was cold (high 40s) with rain likely around 2pm.

What a great day!  Before getting on the trail, I had to explore the canyon that the trail actually follows, only higher overlooking the canyon.  That was fun!  Some small waterfalls and minor rock climbing.

Then, as the weather was still holding, I climbed up out of the canyon onto the trail.  Lovely and scenic, it rained on and off and I kept thinking as I continued up that I should probably turn around as it was looking like more rain and how far did I want to one else on the trail.  But I could not stop as it was so beautiful and peaceful.  I finally called it quits upon reaching a junction with trails going in 3 diff directions.  No sooner did I start back down when it started hailing!! ( It was about 2pm!) Tiny little hail came down in a curtain!  Bouncing off the trees and me and starting to pile up it was so heavy!  I walked through hail for about a half hour before it turned to a light rain.

Just another great day!;)

snow in the mountains!

Into the canyon following the stream....

then one of several small waterfalls

lots of wildflowers down here!

looking back down on Albuquerque in the distance after hopping up on the trail

looking down in the canyon from the trail

A spotted towhee, singing his
heart out, demanded I take his

the hail came down!!!!


  1. Looks like a fantastic day on the trail! Love the towhee!

    1. It was Lisa, especially as I was prepared for the weather:)


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