Thursday, May 12, 2016

Having Fun in Missouri

So it seem Missouri has lots of wineries as you can see below!:)  Who knew!  We are, of course, checking some of them out as well as Missouri brews and throwing in dashes of history;)

At the Riverwood Winery, we are shown an extensive list of Missouri wineries!

lots of rain here, adds beauty to the flowers

Pirtle Winery in the town of Weston is in a quaint old church building!

Also in Weston we visited O'Malleys Pub in the cellar where some of the beer is "piped" in from the nearby brewery!

Enjoyed some Irish tunes there!

We visited the Truman Presidential Library in Independence

a recreation of his oval office with some of his original furnishings

graves of Bess and Harry Truman in the courtyard

The Truman house

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