Thursday, January 26, 2017

John's Pass and DeSoto National Mem., Tampa Area

While in the Tampa area we also spent an afternoon at Johns Pass,  a picturesque boardwalk area on the west side of St. Petersburg.  We had a nice stroll around and had lunch at Scully's on the boardwalk.  We watched dolphins, pelicans and other sea life as we ate.  Very relaxing!

After lunch we strolled the shops off the boardwalk, took in the color and visited a winery and brewery:

a pelican checks us out on his way by
watching dolphins from our table at Sculley's

                                                                                                fun, colorful and on the waterfront!
above the winery which was mostly fruit wines........

.....was the Mad Beach Brewery.  They had some good ones!!

DeSoto National Memorial
commemorates the landing of
the Spanish conquistadors and
their exploration of this part of

There is also a memorial dedicated
to all the Catholic priests
serving in Florida and the 12
priests who accompanied the

a nice little trail takes you around the point on the Manatee River where you will come across the Catholic memorial

A very pleasant trail
through the mangroves helps
one to get a feel for what it must have been like for the Spanish
arriving here and seeing the
area for the first time.  No trail
then, they had to hack their way through the mangroves.

a fisherman stands chest deep in the
Manatee River near sunset


Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Area, Flaming Gorge, UT

Here are some pics from the Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Area, a must do drive when you go to Flaming Gorge.  We drove up it in the morning...