Saturday, June 10, 2017

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace and Mammoth Cave, KY

As we were in Kentucky and near Abe Lincoln's birthplace, we had to check it out.  There is no actual cabin or exact spot of the cabin where he was born at Sinking Spring Farm but the farm his family owned has a beautiful monument dedicated to Lincoln's birthplace and inside the monument is an original cabin that was, at first, thought to be Lincoln's but later proved to have been built later.

After visiting the Lincoln Birthplace NHP, we drove 10 miles to see where Lincoln actually remembered growing up and that was on their Knob Hill farm:

Lincoln family bible

Inside the monument is an actual cabin probably just like Lincoln's that was in the area of the farm only built sometime later

Sinking Spring, how the Lincoln family got their water and the farm its name

In the nearby town of
Hodgenville had a town square with
a statue of Lincoln as in Washington DC and one of him as a child
facing each other

maybe my best pic
of a bluebird!
Our last big adventure in Kentucky was Mammoth Cave National Park.  Pretty cool because for starters we had to cross the Green River by ferry just to get to Mammoth Cave!

There are many tours offered in this cave as it is the largest cave system in the world.  At this time over 400 miles have been surveyed and geologists believe there could be 600 miles of undiscovered passageways!  We decided on the longest tour, a 4 hour tour.  We walked 4 miles under ground!  Wow! Most of it was like walking through a man made tunnel, it was crazy!

we could see a quarter of a mile straight down this passage!

the cathedral room

In the parking lot at Mammoth Cave;)

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