Monday, June 5, 2017

Carter Caves State Park, KY

Carter Caves State Park was just a few miles from our campground in Grayson, Ky.  We visited the park 3 times while we were there as it was so close and had so much to offer.  Very scenic trails with natural arches, bridges and caves!  I highly recommend a stop here for anyone visiting this part of Kentucky!

I took several hundred pics in this park and could easily have taken more;)  So tough to just put a few on the blog!

Smoky Bridge, note waterfall on left and Mike and other hikers on right near the natural bridge

Raven Bridge

this turtle was not shy!

Fern Bridge

view from other side of Fern Bridge

the opening to Natural Bridge, note the "sky light" hole

walking under Natural Bridge, 

Mike heading out of Natural Bridge

heading through a bit of a rock labyrinth to Shangra La Arch
Shangra La Arch, you can see just a bit of light through the arch

going through the arch there is a ladder to climb to the top

Mike heading back under Shangra La Arch
There are 3 different cave tours at the park.  We choose to do the Cascade Cave tour the largest of the caves with an underground river:
heading in to tour Cascade Cave

bat colony of 20 or so
a nice size river flows through this cave

Cascade Bridge

Mike could not make it through the pass between Cascade Bridge and the cliff wall;)

Box Canyon Trail

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