Sunday, October 21, 2018

Oregon Coast, Grey Whales, Seals and Sea Lions!!!!!

Ahh yes, it has been a while.  We enjoyed our visit with family in Washington and are now back on the road heading down the west coast.  Our first stop is Seal Rocks for 2 weeks, right on the 101 just south of Newport, OR.  What a beautiful spot!  We may not see much of it with all the marine fog this time of year but our first day here, yesterday, was spectacular!

morning on "our" beach right across the 101 from the RV park

from one end of our beach

the seals were enjoying the shallows this morning! 
We drove up the coast just past Newport to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and what a treat that turned out to be!!

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
 Right off the rocks and all around the point we watched grey whales for hours!  They were so close!

checked out the tidal pools on Cobblestone Beach

Cobblestone Beach

sea lions hang out at Cobblestone as well
 In Yaquina Bay we checked out Rogue Brewery and watched the sea lions and their antics on the sea lion pier and rocks there.  They were very entertaining and very noisy!!
this sea lion in the water is looking for a spot but the others will not let him on

here the sea lion splashes the water seeming trying to annoy the others.  It works and they all start barking at him!

sunset from our campground, what an amazing day!

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  1. Wow, the whales! I've never seen them so close to the coast, what a great sight!


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