Thursday, December 13, 2018

Pinnacles National Park, Condors!!, Salinas, CA

While staying near Salinas, CA, on our last stop, we also spent a couple of days in Pinnacle National Park.  In addition to being another beautiful place, is has the added attraction of being a home of some California Condors!!  We were fortunate enough to see a couple of them!  So thrilling!:

Great hiking in the park!
 A cool cave on our trail!  We had to have flashlights....or pitch blackness for part of the trail!

first condor sighting!!!
 The Pinnacles Trail was pretty exciting and a bit strenuous!

second condor sighting!

this one flew right overhead!

great place, great hikes!


  1. Did you have to hike out the same way you came in ??

  2. We really enjoyed that park condor sightings for us though, what a treat! WHen we hiked through the cave we saw bats close enough to touch!


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