Friday, March 22, 2019

Sandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw, AZ

We are in Willcox, AZ, for 2 weeks.  Our stay here was primarily planned around revisiting some great hiking areas and wineries.  The sandhill cranes roost in this area during the winter months and are usually gone by mid March so we did not expect to see them.....  When we arrived and heard them flying overhead I was thrilled.  This very cold winter has kept many of them down here longer than normal.

We had to drive about an hour further south to Whitewater Draw to see them during the day.  It sure was worth it!  List time we were here and I took pics of them it was closer to Willcox in The Playa and we could not get very close at all.  As you can see below, we were in a much closer viewing area this time!

It is amazing to not only hear them high above but to watch them land right before your eyes!

we estimated a couple of thousand in this group


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    1. it sure was Lisa. So unexpected! They were so close there. Was not happy with my pics though, frustrating. Seems the camera does not like the constant movement of the birds and the water etc. Was still a thrill to witness!


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