Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Glacial Tills Vineyard, Palmyra. NE

About an hours drive from here is the town of Palmyra, home of Glacial Tills Vineyard.  Three years ago when we stayed here in Gretna, we visited this vineyard to help harvest their Seyval grapes with which they make their Seyval Blanc wine.  We had such a good time then that when we arrived in Gretna this time, we asked the vineyard to let us know when they were harvesting so we could help out again.  They gladly sent us notification that today was the day to harvest the Seyval grapes and we drove out to help out once again.

We not only helped with the Seyval grapes but also harvested the Marquette grapes which we have become familiar with in red wine and enjoy.  So we helped pick white and red grapes.  Again we had a great time and again they fed us and sent us home with several bottles of their tasty wine to enjoy!

We will probably help out at least one more time during this stay and are looking forward to the next time!

Glacial Till Winery
Mike in the middle getting down to business!

Seyval grapes
We came across a few nests amongst the vines but this was the only one with an egg which probably simply did not hatch.  Sure pretty though!
 Removing the nets from the vines so we can get to the grapes!

Marquette grapes
 Grab the bunch of grapes, shove the tool across the stem......
 And voila!  Grapes to help fill your bucket so you can empty it and fill it again, and again, and again!
 Our pickins for the day!

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