Sunday, August 17, 2014

How we get mail

Mike and I drove up to South Dakota for a little weekend trip.  Mike had been wanting to check out our "home".  When we retired, we decided to become residents of SD because they are very RV friendly and SD is fairly centrally located in the US. So our "home town" of Emery, SD,  is where we get our mail.  We have mail sent to a company called My Home Address there.  Emery is a tiny town of about 400 people.

We found our address and it is indeed a home:

 Rooms behind the garage actually contain the business.

The file we are holding up is our mail folder which is our "address".  We were joking that our file has a "view" out the window there of the back yard;)  When our mail has accumulated for a couple of months, we just call My Home Address and have them send it to our current location.  We do most of our necessary business by email, of course, but some things still have to get to us via snail mail:)

The town of Emery
The post office in Emery is actually smaller than My Home Address!


  1. Not a bad place to call "home". We will be hitting both TX and SD next spring and are considering changing to one of them. It'll most likely come down to health care.

  2. Yes, health care is very much a concern. SD is going to be reviewing insurance for RV people who are below the age for Medicare. It will be interesting to follow.


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