Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Harvesting Frontenac Grapes at Glacial Till

On our second trip out to Glacial Till to help with harvesting Frontenac grapes, we brought more help.  My brother, son and son-in-law joined us and we had a great morning out in the vineyard.  After picking grapes, we enjoyed breakfast, courtesy of the owners family, and some great conversation.  This time we also got a personal tour of the building and once again were sent home with lots of wine!  They will do one more picking in a couple of weeks and Mike and I will probably join them again.

we had a personal wine tasting before choosing what wines we wanted to take home!




Mike Murman, owner, and Mike

tour time

Jordan showing us the port barrels

John, the winemaker, showing the crusher de-stemmer

the bladder press for white grapes

Frontenac grapes


  1. Soooo cool! You're going to be well stocked up by the time you leave!

  2. One might think so, but we are drinking it up quickly!!;)


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