Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Durham Museum, Omaha

My brother, Paul, and Mike and I drove downtown Omaha to check out a little culture.  We visited the Durham Museum located in the old train station.  In addition to a wonderful display of old pullman railroad cars, which we got to wander through at out leisure, there were a lot of other great displays dipicting Omaha's history.  The beautiful architecture of the old building was worth going to see all by itself!

After a few hours in the museum, yes there was that much to see, we had to enjoy a beer at the Upstream Brewing Co. and then ate at The Twisted Fork in the Old Market Place...a good day!!  Pics not so good,  forgot my camera and had to use my phone! Ugh!

Paul makes friends easily;)

beautiful building!!!

traveling by train....maybe not so bad!

not too crazy about the berths and the "safety" net!

Old Market Place

 Beautiful downtown park, nice place for an after dinner stroll......

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  1. It's no fun when you forget your camera! I think you did well with your cell!


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