Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sightseeing in Nassau

I learned the bus schedule for downtown Nassau quickly and made a few trips to check out the history:

Supreme Court

Memory Garden to those fallen in the big wars

the library, very interesting, originally built and used as a prison

local sign

Bahamas Historical Society Museum

The Queens staircase, built by slaves, a big tourist attraction

local color

This interesting structure is one of 4 forts that were built to protect the island from pirates, etc, while under English rule.

cruise ships lined up in the harbor, boy are they massive!!!

police presence in the harbor

Parliament Square

 Back at the resort, more nightly entertainment:
Bumper Cars, my car is the little red one in the foreground, I was doing well till I got in an accident on the second round!
Staff talent show:

Yes, it Tina Turner;)

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  1. It's not real racing when you only turn left!


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